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The SaveDarfurNow Compilation Is Available Now

The SDN Compilation is available now at The Bus Shop, Holy Culture Download and Bandcamp here: http://justparadox.bandcamp.com/album/the-savedarfurnow-compilation. It will be on iTunes in the near future date TBD.

After a lot of elbow grease, a few years, a move from the south back to the west coast and some other transitions the SaveDarfurNow Compilation is finally here it has an official release date (1/11/11). The passion and story behind this project is deep, with emcee’s who have lived through and survived genocide and war and immigrated to the United States of America, to emcee’s who have family serving in our armed forces fighting terrorism, to emcee’s who have done missions in Africa, to emcee’s who have a passion to see social change and the Gospel Hip Hop genre actually make relevant social change in communities that are marked by Christ’s transformative power. Representing artists from all sectors and sub-genre’s within Christian Hip Hop, from the early days of Gospel Rap to undiscovered talent and up and coming emcee’s this compilation features a powerful line up that includes heavy hitters that represent the broad spectrum of Gospel Hip Hop. From the East to the West to the North to South to Mid-West this project includes a wide variety of Gospel Hip Hops current talent as well as some of CHH’s legendary Emcee’s. Crews represented include Humble Beast, Deepspace 5, TheBREAX, The Much Luvv Fam, Gallery Drive, Tunnel Rats, Secta 7, and Nureau Ink. Everyone brings the heat on this project some of the undiscovered and rising talent will surprise you with the quality and powerful message the present. This is definitely a project and cause worth copping.

This is a compilation aim is to raise funds for Darfur and awareness about the effects of Genocide through Africa and the world. Darfur is in need of help rebuilding its infrastructure, they are on the verge of civil war (even know that the genocide has been diminished to some degree), there are still people dying in Sudan. Darfur had a sham election and the dictator who was responsible for funding and training the genocide is still in power. The UN has of yet properly prosecute the ruler of Darfur for his war crimes. He is a figure much like Sadaam Hussein who has committed atrocities and has retrained power while defying the international community and not taking responsibility for his atrocious actions. There are still many displaced due to the genocide, many camps and people who still need food and cloth. The countries infrastructure needs rebuilt. This is a similar plight to that of Chad and Zimbabwe. The story of Africa’s struggle is full of peril and need for some major changes in funding education, infrastructure such as water, electricity and modernization. The need for education and elevation of the living and environment is crucial. We forget that once a war has stopped or genocide that there is a need to rebuild that goes on for years. Just because the crisis event may have ended its still a long process and takes many years to recover. The fight isn’t over.

The Right-Just Rap For Social Justice Presents...: the SaveDarfurNow Compilation is the first in a series dealing with Civil Rights, Human Trafficking, Social Justice, Inner-City Violence, the AIDS Epidemic, Police Brutality, and all the other issue we need to deal with and talk about to affect positive social change. God put it on my heart to start a Compilation series and movement to broaden the dialogue in Christian Rap and by Christian rappers. The aim is to promote more grown up and socially responsible hip hop and deal with real issues from a tough position and not just safe friendly music that's only going to ministry to the only “theologically” or “dogmatically” informed. The passion is to get us as a movement to start reaching out to people who aren’t being reached with real the good news that can help them out their situation through Proverbs and Parables they can relate to in music. We seek to give them godly wisdom for life and counsel that will stir their mind and spirit to do more than sit in some pew listen to a pastor and donate a few dollars to the church but not change their community.

For media requests, album reviews, interviews, and any other project related request contact JAG'D Edge Media via jagdedgemedia at hotmail dot com.

The SaveDarfurNow Compilation Features: Propaganda (of Tunnel Rats), Sivion (of DeepSpace5), AppleJaxx (of Nureau Ink), David 2.0 (of Nureau Ink), Fred Lynch (of P.I.D), Atom The Immortal (of Secta 7), Sevin (of HOG MOB), Enmity (of South Africa), Secta 7, Von Won, Minister RMB, Lil Ras, Tre-9, Conflict, S.O.M (Soldiers On a Mission), Cy, Just para-DOX, Mr Ren, Dj Sean P, Versat1le, Twisted Optiks, Tha Heata, Nate G, LitaRodi, T.R.I.G.G.A., Bigg Moose, theBREAX, Name Brand, Afaar, NomiS, Reg Henry, ColCutz, John Orozco & Gina Gross. Also there are samples and interludes featuring: Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr (Civil Rights Martyr), Paul Rusesabina (Hotel Rwanda Survivor), Korrie Ten-Boom (Holocaust Survivor), George Clooney (Darfur Activist) & Bashir Abdul Rosso (Darfur Survivor).

1. Name Brand - Welcome To Africa Featuring Afaar, NomiS & Regg Henry 04:10
2. Just para-DOX - SaveDarfurNow Featuring Fred Lynch (of P.I.D) 02:53
3. Sevin - Africa (I Wish I Knew You Better) 03:26
4. Propaganda - Time (Where Do We Go) + History Will Be Left To Judge Us (Interlude) 04:06
5. Atom The Immortal - Forsaken 03:21
6. David 2.0 - The Freedom Fighter 04:07
7. Secta 7 - Hatikvah (The Hope) Featuring Atom The Immortal, Luz, Kaotic, Metatron & Yahaloma 04:58
8. Enmity - Forgive Us (Spoken Word) 02:59
9. Twisted Optiks - Anti-Genocide Featuring Sandz 04:07
10. AppleJaxx - Dangerous + More Than Twelve Years Ago Featuring Paul Rusesabagina (Interlude) 04:11
11. Mr Ren - I Am The Truth 03:16
12. Nate G - Press On 04:11
13. S.O.M. - Youth Of The Nation Featuring Mike Flores 04:06
14. Von Won - People In The Struggle + Darfur Survivor Testimony Featuring Bashir Abdul Rosso (Interlude) 03:51
15. Ras (aka Lil Raskull) - Way Too Real 04:02
16. Sivion - The Fall + Things We Must Never Forget Featuring Dr Martin Luther King Jr (Interlude) 06:58
17. Tre-9 - Help Me Out Featuring LitaRodi & ColCutz 04:44
18. Minister RMB - My Passion Featuring John Orozco + Forgive Your Enemies Featuring Corrie ten Boom (Outro) 08:02
19. Versat1le - V.E.N.G.E.A.N.C.E. (Bonus) 05:12
20. T.R.I.G.G.A. - Thirsty (Bonus) 04:08
21. ICECE - Set Us Free feat Boyce (of S.O.M) (Bonus) 03:45
22. Bigg Moose - Painfully Dark (Acoustic Remix) (Bonus) 04:23
23. Conflict - Death Before Denial Featuring Jessica Griffin (Bonus) 03:35

To find out more about SaveDarfur.org and get involved go to: www.savedarfur.org/page/group/HolyHipHopRespondsToTheNeedInDarfur.

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* Join the Ning network: hhh4darfur.ning.com.
* Join us on Myspace at: www.myspace.com/hiphopsavedarfurnowcompilation.

For media requests, album reviews, interviews, and any other project related request contact JAG'D Edge Media via jagdedgemedia at hotmail dot com